Marnie's Shop

100% of Profits to Charity. 


When I decided to open a store, I knew I wanted to honor my family in the process. I come from a long line of homebuilders (I'm 5th generation) and giving back is an integral part of my family's legacy on both sides. I decided to dedicate the shop to my maternal grandfather - a WWII Captain, master carpenter, and the man who taught my father how to build. Pop-Pop had a workshop between his house and my childhood home. As a little girl I remember watching him in his workshop, fascinated as he would build and create (which explains my love for interior trim!).


It's because of my father and my grandfathers that I'm a homebuilder, and it's in tribute to Pop-Pop, and my family's philanthropic roots that I'm giving 100% of the profits from everything sold in Sawdust & Salt Co. to the charities below. You get to choose which charity receives your money at check out so you can, quite literally, pay it forward (click on the logos below to learn more about each one).


Welcome to my store, Sawdust and Salt.